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• What is StandardTRUSTS Investment?

StandardTRUSTS is a company based in USA; that provides an online platform that helps grow your finances massively with our highly prolific Investment Packages. Our team is loaded with super-efficient and highly professional personnel; with several experience in Investment and Finance Management.

To that effect, we have an extremely optimized Algorithms, coupled with 24/7 Customer Support that helps provide an overall never-seen-before Customer satisfaction to all our teeming Investors.


• What is the Aim of StandardTRUSTS Investment?

StandardTRUSTS was created to ERADICATE POVERTY, BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN THE RICH AND THE POOR, and DEVELOP THE COMMUNITY using highly efficient models of INVESTMENT structures and policies.


• Who can join StandardTRUSTS Investment?

Anyone and everyone that is above 18years of age and is ready to have a super beautiful financial turn-around are all welcomed to StandardTRUSTS Investments.


• Can I own multiple Accounts?

Yes. But you will be required to supply a different username, email address and Phone Number for validation. But, you can still use the same name.


  • Is the company registered?

Yes. We are registered and regulated by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) here in the US (REG NO: 894508721).


  • Where is the office located?

We are located at Charleston, SC 29425, South Carolina, U.S.A.


  • Is the company reliable?

Yes, we are super reliable. And you should be rest assured that your funds are completely safe with us.


  • Is my money safe with you?

Your money is completely safe with us, as we hold our Investors Funds in high esteem.


  • Where does the company invest Clients funds?

Our primary areas of investments are Company Stocks and Shares, Oil and Gas, Luxurious Metals Mining (Gold and Silver), Government Bonds, Foreign Currency Exchange Trading, Crypto Currency Mining, and Real Estates.


  • What is the Minimum and Maximum amount one can invest?

The minimum is $35 (Thirty Five Dollars), and maximum is $75,000 (Seventy Five Thousand , and Five Dollars). All with $5 Activation Fee.


  • What is the Percentage Profit (Investment Returns)?

 The percentage profit is between 130% and 300%.


  • What is the duration of investment maturity?

The duration of investment is between 3 Days and 30 Days.


  • How do I get my capital and profit back?

You can withdraw your Investment and profits after the expiration of the maturity period. That is, 3days, 7days, 15days and 30days, depending on your investment package.


  • How do I Claim My Bonuses?

To claim your Bonuses; kindly send a mail with the following to “Full names, Username, Email Address, Phone Number, Invested Package, Amount Invested, Payment Method, Full Address and T. Shirt size” to bonuses@standardtrusts.com for immediate processing. 

  • How do I register?

You can register on our website by simply clicking on any of our Investment packages on the Homepage.


  • What are your payment methods?

We accept Deposits and Withdrawals through BITCOIN, PERFECT MONEY and ETHEREUM  only.


  • Do you have Affiliate Program?

Yes we have a very beautiful and solid REFERRAL PROGRAM. You get “5%” on anyone you refer that invests below $500, while you get “5%  + Merchandise Pack” when he/she invests above $500.

Not only that, you also get an “iPhone” when you refer 5 people that invests above $500 each. Isn’t that BEAUTIFUL?!


  • Are there any other fees/charges apart from the Investment Fees?

Yes, there is a mandatory $5 (Five Dollars) ACTIVATION FEE across all Investment Packages. And this fee is charged to service logistics, so as to keep the system running smoothly.

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